What is Ho’oponopono???

Good Question. Ho’oponopono is an ancient Hawaiian problem solving technique. It is based on forgiveness, responsibility and transmutation.

It has been scientifically proven that the conscious mind processes 15 bits of information per second. The subconscious mind, on the other hand, processes 11 million bits of information per second (?!?). If we look at the mind in this way, then obviously by sheer force of computing power, the subconscious mind runs the show. At face value, this means that I actually have no idea what’s actually going on!

The core theory of Ho’oponopono is that there is nothing actually outsdie of us. Our entire lives are just projections of “programs” running in our subconscious minds. Consequently, there is no such thing as a victim. (I know I said that casually. Think about it).

In this context, I view the information processing in my subconscious mind as invisible programs running on the hard drive of my internal computer. Because they are in my subconscious, they are running in the background of my life. Consequently, I have no conscious access to them.

So what does this mean?

Well, by definition, it means that I am oblivious to the forces that are running my life. There are a lot of teachers out there who recommend healing our subconscious beliefs. I have never understood this. If I have sabotaging SUBconscious beliefs, then by definition (because they are SUBconscious), I do not have conscious access to the beliefs that need healing. I can only deliberately heal or change those beliefs that appear in my conscious awareness.

So what does this mean?

In my experience, it means that there are beliefs I am powerless to heal by traditional methods. There are two areas of my life that fit into this category: the first area concerns my beliefs regarding body, weight and food and the second concerns my beliefs surrounding money. Those have always been my two sticking points in life.

The good news is that I have been able to heal my belifs surrounding body, weight and food and I can now eat anything I want whenever I want and have a body I am proud of. (Whoohoo!) For an ex-fatty, that’s big news (and no, I don’t exercise ’till I drop).

Money, however, is another issue entirely. I have examined all my beliefs surrounding money under a high powered microscope, applied every technique in the book to heal them, and I still come up empty.

So what does this mean?

It means one of two things: 1) the laws of the universe are inconsistent (which is doubtful) or they wouldn’t be called LAWS or 2) there’s something else going on here. I vote for number two. It makes me feel better.

Enter Ho’oponopono. The basic premise of Ho’oponopono is that I must take responsibility for everything that shows up in my life because I created it (on some level). Now, that doesn’t mean I created it ON PURPOSE. In simple terms, if there are areas of my life which I cannot change no matter what I consciously say, do or think, then I must have a virus on my hard drive.

Here are the facts: I am an Ivy League graduate, have a lot of experience, am good at what I do, love people and have no problem working hard. However, I can’t seem to attract enough money into my life- at least not on a consistent basis (very embarrassing for someone with my credentials). The entire situation is ludicrous. In addition, I have noticed that the harder I work to follow the “rules of the game,” the more disastrous my results. If this weren’t my real life, the whole thing would actually be funny.

So here’s the experiment: I am in the process of applying the only healing technique I have found which addresses the issue of clearing the unconscious garbage running my life. The good news here is that Ho’oponopono does NOT require that I be able to identify the beliefs or programs that need to be changed. (Finally, someone gets it!) I simply petition the Divine to heal them for me. Whew!

The only thing I am required to do is take responsibility for the fact that the “program” or “virus” (in this case, money problems) exists in the first place then give permission to the Divine to erase it. Awesome. I am at the beginning of this journey and I will document my results.

Ho’oponopono is an ongoing process- ongoing as in I’m supposed to practice it in my every waking moment. My biggest challenge at the moment is remembering to do it. I am constantly reminding myself to say the four key phrases to whatever is in front of me: I’m sorry, Please forgive me, Thank you, I love you.

I am about a week into the process and here’s what’s happened so far: As I first began applying the principles, I felt an overwhelming sense of relief. That lasted about 36 hours. I experienced about 15 hours completely worry free. THAT was a rush! If you have money issues in your life, just imagine what that feels like. The only way I can describe it is as a profound sense of freedom.

After that, I spent the next two days exhausted. NOT what I was expecting. However, if I think about it, it makes perfect sense. Let’s say I were hiking with a big sack of rocks strapped to my back. If I decided to drop them on the ground, the first thing I would feel would be relief, soon followed by an awareness of how tired I was of lugging them around in the first place. Ok, check that one off the list.

Now I am past the exhaustion. We’ll see what happens next….

I’m sorry, Please forgive me, Thank you, I love you.

Peace of I,



Fleur de Lys for Peace

src=”http://www.hooponoponoway.net/img/hooponopono-cleaning-tool-flor-de-lis.gif” alt=”Ho’oponopono Cleaning Tool” width=”180″ height=”216″ border=”0″ /></a>

This is a Fleur de Lys via Mabel Katz….one of the foremost authorities on Ho’oponopono in the world. Click on the link to display.

Ho’oponopono Journey

Peace Be With You..

Hi all you inside me! Welcome to my Most Excellent Adventure!

I am going to document my experiences with the ancient Hawaiian problem solving method called Ho’oponopono. I discovered Ho’oponopono a few years ago, but I guess I wasn’t ready for it. Instead, I chose to become involved with the study of the Law of Attraction as taught by various teachers.

Although the Law of Attraction has many beneficial applications (and I have achieved some astounding results, especially in weight loss) there are one or two areas of my life which refuse to budge no matter what I do, how much I imagine, how well I align my energy or how good I feel. If the Law of Attraction is indeed a LAW (like gravity), there should be no area of my life that I cannot change. To date, this has not been the case.

Enter Ho’oponopono. In my next blog, I will share some basic tenents of this ancient problem solving technique and how I see the two methodologies fitting together. They are not mutually exclusive. The two do work as a team, but not in the way I had originally thought. I will do my best to explain how I see these two concepts working together, along with the ways in which they differ.

The goal of all we think, say or do, of course, is to live a life filled with untold blessings. Whether you struggle with relationships, weight, health or money, the application of these two philosophies can miraculously change your life. I will do my best to show you how to combine the two principles to produce miracles and magic in your life.

And after all, isn’t that what we’re really after in the first place?

Peace of I